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All staff personal mental heal(Mental Health Examination)

Personal mental health examination, professional occupational mental health examination

The employee's personal mental health is assessed by a professional mental health comprehensive assessment scale, with the five major indicators, clustering 12 specific indicators to provide you with an overall assessment of mental health status, analysis and improvement recommendations.

Why choose Mental Health Examination

  • Systematic evaluation—Scientific and professional tools
  • VIP service—one-to-one consultation by telephone
  • Chief Physician—huge and accurate database
  • Mobile experience—quick and easy app, WeChat
  • Level 3 A—Cluster 5 major index, 12 indicators
  • Tracking assessment—multiple results comparison, tracking psychological changes
  • Close doctors—professional advice, multiple choices, simple and easy

Mental health risk screening, self-improvement of happiness

  • Self-examinationconcern at mental health status up-to-date
  • Self-helpprovide mental health promotion advice in time
  • Promotioneffective intervention to promote mental health state
  • Prevention and controlcontinuous follow-up to prevent psychological crisis

Standard service and process, efficient and quality service

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