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Growth footprint

Growth footprint

  • year 2001

    EAPs was established, and began offering professional EAP services.

  • year 2001

    Implement the Chinese local EAP - Lenovo customer service project.

  • year 2002

    The establishment of China's localized EAP model is generally used by domestic EAP service organizations.

  • year 2003

    Every year, in cooperation with the mainstream financial media “Fortune” (Chinese version), a special follow-up survey on the psychological and stressful situation of senior Chinese professional managers has attracted attention from all walks of life.

  • year 2004

    Cooperate with the Talent Research Center of the Development Research Center of the State Council, the Human Resources Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, and the China Entrepreneur Survey System to hold a seminar on “Occupational Stress and Mental Health” to promote the development of Chinese professional mental health and EAP.

  • year 2006

    Professor Xichao Zhang, the chief consultant, published the book "Employee Assist Program - Theory and Practice of Chinese EAP" based on the practice of EAPs.

  • year 2007

    Professor Xichao Zhang, the chief consultant, published the book “Have a good time at work– modern professional mental health diy manual” based on the practice of EAPs.

  • 2007 to present

    The “China EAP and Professional Mental Health Annual Forum” is held every year to promote the development of EAP communication and EAP industry at home and abroad. 

  • year 2008

    Develop a mental capital improvement service model and introduce the concept of PCA (psychological capital growth) into the EAP service.

  • year 2008

    Sponsored the 5th "World Psychotherapy Conference", with more than 1,000 psychologists and participants from all over the world.

  • year 2009

    Selected in the Harvard Business Review (English version) case library, the article introduced the development of EAPs, and affirmed the contribution of EAPs to the development of China's EAP.

  • year 2009

    Sponsored the first National Humanistic Counseling and Academic Conference on Treatment and the 12th National Psychology Conference.

  • year 2010

    Reached a cooperation agreement with the psychological capital expert, management scientist, former president of the American Management Society, Professor Fred Lusans to promote the development and practice of psychological capital in China.

  • year 2010

    Sponsored and attend the 2010 World EAP Conference.

  • year 2010

    The internal publication "The EAPs observer" was founded, and regularly published relevant theoretical frontiers and practical cases at home and abroad.

  • year 2011

    Tal Ben-Shahar, a lecturer at Harvard University's popular “Happiness Class”, was invited to attend the 2011 China EAP Forum and host the “Happy Method” workshop.

  • year 2011

    A strategic partnership with ComPsych, a US-based EAP service provider, to establish a global resources complementary model.

  • year 2011

    Organize the Chinese team to participate in the World EAP Conference at the invitation of the International EAP Association (EAPA).

  • year 2012

    Publish the series of occupational mental health "Accumulate growth and achieve happiness " and "Bottom-round management begins with mental health ".

  • year 2013

    Once again, as a representative of the Chinese EAP service provider, EAPs made a special speech at the World EAP Conference.

  • year 2014

    The high vote was elected as the first director of the China Branch of the International EAP Association.

  • year 2015

    Won the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

  • year 2016

    Winning the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" marks the beginning of a higher level of high-tech services.

  • year 2017

    Honored by the China EAP Association China Chapter and the Chinese Psychological Association's EAP Working Committee, the “China EAP Industry Outstanding Supplier Award”.

  • year 2017

    Participated in the international EAP conference for the fifth time and introduced the EAP service case of the State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company on the international stage.

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