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Conduct mental health surveys

EAPs conduct mental health survey to investigates employees' mental health status, organizational attitude, ideological status, happiness, personality inclination, personality, communication mode, occupational orientation with systematic and perfect model of occupational mental health of employee. The results comprehensively reflect the overall psychological state of the staff, give professional, specific and feasibility organization management advice, help managers understand the psychological status and ideological status of employees, and provide a basis for management decision-making.

  • "Four in one" survey positioning:

    Discover internal problems, explore influencing factors, develop personalized programs, and scientific effect evaluation.

  • Scientific and perfect system model:

    Taking a number of important mental health indicators as the core, the “job demands-work resources (jd-r) model” is the key driving factor, and innovatively combined with the theory of psychological capital to establish a Chinese localization system

  • Rich business survey experience:

    Eighteen years of local service, survey experience in multiple industries and hundreds of large enterprises.

  • Domestic representative norm reference:

    A million-level Chinese local database builds a very representative model of Chinese professional mental health.

  • Native perfect survey tools:

    Scientific and standardized measurement tools, tailored to the actual situation of the customer to customize the questionnaire.

  • Advanced and quick survey form:

    App, pc, WeChat comprehensive cloud experience.

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