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EAP field room construction:

EAP cares for things that are quiet, but services can be integrated into tangible things.EAP professional field room construction, based on the princi

  • Deep professional background, rich experience in EAP professional field construction, flexible customization of equipment packages according to customer needs. 1.Personalized construction plan
  • Strong technical research and development team, advanced psychological professional equipment and evaluation system. 2.Specialized psychological equipment
  • Field room management system, field room use planning, consultation, group assistance, training, system management and use of the field. 3.Systematic field management

Psychological function room

Psychological counselors receive psychological visitors in the early stage, register for visiting staff, and reserve the time for consultation. They are used to provide a space for visitors to fully rest or relax before the psychological consultation begins.
Consultation reception hall
In a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, the music is hypnotized and relaxed to regulate the tension of the human body, helping visitors to relax and relieve fatigue.
Relaxation room
Take one-on-one individual counseling or one-to-many family counseling.Also used as a counselor to use sandbox game therapy to conduct individual counseling and group counseling for visitors.
Counseling room
Provide a safe and controllable environment, use the method of consuming physical strength, sports hitting, and attention shift to vent the bad feelings in the heart of the experience, thereby achieving the balance of psychological adjustment, the release and release of inner pressure.
Emotional venting room
Through the guided learning of the multi-class and multi-project psychological relaxation training method for visitors, combined with the system feedback practice process to test the degree of mastery of the relaxation training method, and cultivate the visitors to master a set of consciously adjust and guide self-bad emotions. Awareness and methods.
Brain training room
Conduct group psychological counseling activities, group psychology lectures, and psychological exchange salons with targeted themes to promote interaction and thinking of groups and help individuals to grow and improve.
Group room
Through the professional guidance of self-service equipment, the visitor's mental health and the common sense of mental health are improved. Visitors can do psychological science reading, cognitive ability assessment, psychological assessment, occupational assessment, and psychological decompression course in the self-service mediation room. Wait.
Self-service adjustment room
The Art Decompression Room provides a professional art therapy system that intelligently guides the user's spiritual self-healing.
Art decompression room
Provide psychological related magazine books and psychological self-help equipment for visitors to learn and use, and can also be used as a waiting area before employees come to consult.
Learning room

Psychological equipment

1、Decompression capsule
The hrv+scl composite feedback technology was used to monitor more than 20 physiological and psychological indicators, holographic brainwave music therapy and other multi-dimensional intervention programs to achieve sleep improvement, deep nursed back to health and energy regeneration.
2、relax the decompression chair
Based on the theory of neural plasticity, the eeg brainwave feedback feedback training and guidance to adjust the concentration, including "relieving pressure", "injection energy, etc." dozens of professional adjustment programs, intelligent matching, tailor-made optimal adjustment program.
3、portable feedback training device
Emotional catharsis, imaginative relaxation, memory retrospective, muscle relaxation, self-suggestion, self-cognition, image rehearsal and other rich relaxation programs, multi-thematic periodic continuous intervention nursed back to meet the self-regulation of different stressors.
4、vr body and mind relaxation system
The virtual interaction mode enables the user's emotional release to be co-ordinated with the virtual environment state, helping the visitor to correctly and quickly adjust the negative psychological emotions such as psychological anxiety and tension generated during work, competition, etc., to improve fatigue and calm down.
5、smart shouting venting instrument
Through the "3d virtual situation" training mode, quickly release negative emotions, release bad pressure in time, and create a good catharsis experience.
6、smart hitting venting instrument
According to different catharsis themes, the positive catharsis situation is established, thus effectively eliminating the negative negative effects such as anxiety, nervousness and low self-esteem, guiding the catharsis to be active and upward, and then helping the catharsis to build self-confidence and find self.
7、basic catharsis suit
Through the establishment of catharsis kits to provide a high-pressure crowd with a reasonable way to vent their stress, effective emotional counseling in a safe, protected space, foster a healthy mindset and a sound personality.
8、music therapy instrument
Through the four major modules of theme music, mind guidance, inner comfort and projection and guidance, we will comprehensively debug people's mind and body and enhance the psychological capital of the experience.
9、painting therapy device
Let the painter use the non-verbal tools to present the emotions and conflicts suppressed in the subconscious through the creative process of painting, and obtain the understanding and satisfaction in the process of painting, so as to achieve the good effect of diagnosis and treatment.
10、sand table set
The consultant can understand the inner world of the visitor through the sandbox of the visitor, pay attention to the tendency of the visitor, and assist the visitor to find a solution to the problem.
11、3d electronic sand table
The 3D electronic sand table instrument uses advanced 3D simulation software to realize the 3D digitization of the traditional mental sand table.The system can simulate virtual sandbox scenarios and build electronic archives to form intelligent analysis reports.
12、self-service machine
It integrates cognitive ability training, psychological relaxation film, psychological decompression program, psychological science knowledge, psychological quality assessment and other functions into a psychological self-management platform.
13、somatosensory cognitive training instrumen
Through the somatosensory interactive game task, the user's attention, memory, cognitive flexibility, cognitive speed, visual spatial memory, problem solving and other psychological cognitive abilities are trained.
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