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i EAP, palm care platform

Whenever and wherever you are, you are free to enjoy the one-stop EAP service that i-EAP brings to you.

Counseling is my consultant reliable?

EAPs professional certification is your peace of mind, the consultant's strengths are all-encompassing, safe and reliable.24-hour free consultation and appointment, rich and reliable consultant resources all-round display, support one-click telephone reservation, online appointment.At the same time, you can “question online” about your own troubles, and you can be patiently answered by the reliable psychological counseling experts of EAPs.You can also go online "self-service consultation".

Psychological test doing tests is too much trouble?

Get rid of the tedium of the paper-and-pencil computer, just use the mobile phone, relax a little, experience the refreshing assessment, and measure the mental health level at any time.The classic phc (mental health check) scale + tailor-made tests for the company helps the happiness organization and provides a basis for the organization to adjust management strategies.There are a variety of small tests to enrich your life.

EAP courier corporate promotion is difficult?

EAP Express is your effective propaganda assistant, and the corporate information arrives at the whole staff with one click.EAP community dynamics, developments, event details, short, frequent, fast dynamic EAP, let you master!

Theme event Want to participate in company online activities?

Appointment for class does the company arrange training that doesn't like it?

The appointment-based class function shows you all the training, which one you want to listen to, and don't miss every wonderful one.Click on "Online Lessons" to quickly and easily register for the course you want to attend.

Online Classroom No time to attend training?

The online classroom is your personal psychological coach, with a wealth of psychology courses to choose from, to create a mental health personal trainer.Video lessons, regardless of time and place, watch your favorite classes at any time.

Psychological reading mobile phone traffic is not much and no WiFi?

Psychological reading is your indispensable treasure trove of psychology, learning the cutting-edge psychology knowledge anytime, anywhere.Professional, profound, rich and warm psychological articles, make full use of the fragmentation time, let yourself be full of spirits to meet the daily challenges.

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AddressRoom b21, 4th Floor, World Trade Plaza, Fuhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

AddressRoom 505a, Jinzuo Building, No. 63 Xi'an South Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu

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