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Crisis intervention

Crisis intervention services, special care during special times

We are eager for a happy, calm life. However, when a change occurs, improper handling can cause serious psychological trauma to employees.EAPs provides professional, fast and quality crisis intervention services to help companies reduce the risk of crisis events.EAPs has handled more than 300 crisis events over the years and has successfully killed the crisis in the bud.

Source of psychological crisis:

  • Sudden natural disasters(such as earthquakes)

  • Major industrial accident

  • Mental illness episode

  • Workplace violence

  • Suicide

  • Sudden death

  • Institutional adjustment

  • Lay cuts

Crisis service advantages:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • First time crisis response speed
  • System crisis management process
  • System construction level 4 intervention mode
  • Professional team crisis risk assessment
  • Perfect crisis response mechanism
  • More than 300 crisis intervention experiences
  • Comprehensive crisis intervention capability
  • Advanced crisis prevention system
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